Go Fast Above and Below the Water with Seabob!

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SEABOB Outperforms Above and Below the Water!

The new SEABOB F5, F5 S and F5 SR scooters have been released and we are thrilled to provide these new improved models. SEABOB is now smaller, lighter in weight and performs more easily.

Click the movie below and see SEABOB in action. Check out the smooth surging power of SEABOB. Ever wish you could swim and dive like a dolphin on the surface and glide along the bottom of the ocean, too? Now is your chance to scream through the water with glee!

SEABOB is a new and exciting water toy made to go fast on, in and under the water. You can swim and/or dive with SEABOB for fun like you never had before!

SEABOB is German made and engineered for powerful jet driven excitement. More than a jet ski or a dive personal vehicle, SEABOB is a jet driven water rocket!

SEABOB for Diving Adventures
Seabob for Diving Adventure

Check out the SEABOB F5 S and SEABOB F5 Models for the right SEABOB. Go to the Sales and Rentals page for the best deal for you! See the Accessories page for helpful items for a more pleasurable experience. Cruise through the News page to see when we will be at a Boat Show near you. Please CONTACT US for more information and to buy a SEABOB now!

What's New

Here’s a short list of the newest SEABOB updates, including Lighter Weight, Faster Speed, and Longer Running.

Check out what's new and see for yourself.

Checkout the cool new stuff video


Mangers Say

A really great water and yacht toy...

Optimal Handling

Low Weight with Powerful Thrust

Seabob Handling

Easy handling was the uncompromising objective set when developing the new SEABOB generation. For this reason, the challenge in terms of development was clearly defined.

Low overall weight. Extremely stable housing. Powerful drive. These properties make the SEABOB a unique water sports craft. The vehicle can be used anywhere and offers optimal handling.

Ride the Waves on SEABOB
Ride the Waves on Seabob